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Sophocles once said: “It can be no dishonor to learn from others when they speak good sense”.

What are the qualities needed in a ‘mentor’ in order to learn from them?

Finding a mentor that operates from a position of good sense may be hard to find in this world of Hyperbole. Many of those who have found a good mentor shortened the sometimes long journey to become successful in a given field.

Through their experience, advice, and support, a real mentor can help you avoid the most common mistakes when striving for success; they can help you get over the most difficult of problems and teach you shortcuts to reach your goals.

You can get a mentor at any time during your career, but be sure you seek a mentor who understands the field of endeavor and is willing to share their wisdom., A solid mentor will teach you lessons on persistence, on enhancing your drive to excellence and help surround yourself with the strongest people you can find, on the truth about the business.

You may not know what you have to learn next to get you higher up, but someone who has already been there most certainly does. The choice of the right mentor can decide your future.

Some suggestions on how to find a true mentor.

  • Identify within your field four successful leaders who have retired within the past two to five years and also ask your associates in the same venue.
  • Write these persons a short letter expressing your genuine respect for their careers, and mention specific achievements that have inspired you.
  • Following up, ask for advice on your career. Invite them for a quick call, and ask how they structure their fees, if any
  • Most probably, one of them will accept your invitation and will take the time to talk to you. If there is synergy, you have found a mentor.

A qualified mentor should immediately ask you to provide a list of the goals you want them to work with you on. What do you want from the mentor? What is it that you have to learn? What can the mentor teach you? You should monitor your progress so as to get the best out of your time with him. Lists should be written, best a spreadsheet so you can easily insert the progress.

Your mentor will tell you which skills are most valuable in your field, and will advise you on business opportunities and different ways to succeed; however, your mentor will not tell you how to do your job. He is there to guide you, give you feedback, and share his experience, but you will have the last word as to what to do in a given situation. A qualified mentor will never have all the answers, but they can advise you to the best of his knowledge so that you can find the way.

The relationship with your mentor needs to be nurtured to prove successful. You have to acknowledge your mentor’s value and reward him for it. Remember that in the long run, your success will be very much affected, in a positive way, by his support. Saying “Thank You” is always a positive move Share with your mentor what you have learned from him, and finally, pay them according to agreements.

Sometimes it is beneficial to have more than one mentor. Especially in fields that rely on various skill-sets. Also, the different approaches can be very helpful

I have never really labeled myself a mentor, but others have. I like to think of the services I provide more of a guide. The premise I followed is to show the path and the client must do the walking (or running). Also, it is important in my system to continue following up, acting as an accountability partner for a  period of time. If you would enjoy developing a mentoring relationship allowing me to show proved guidelines, systems that work, and be on your business team, let’s get in touch.

Currently, most of my clients have been Creatives and Small Businesses owners who are seeking guidance in Branding and the Effective Use of Social Media. If you feel the need, click on the box below.


Share your Experiences, Good Bad or Plain Ugly, with Mentors
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