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Podcasting Is An Easy Tool to Develop a Solid Fan Base

Podcasting has been a fabulous tool for me to grow an audience and develop solid relationships with like-minded person globally. For over 10 years we had two weekly Call-In Talk Show format Podcasts. One concentrated on self-improvement as outlined infamous books focusing on that topic. The other Talk Show, You Can Build It, is still being produced weekly is centered around marketing service and products through effective use of Technology and many of Traditional method.

Many of those past and current episodes from these shows will be shared below.

You Can Build It Call-Talk Show, Episode #435

You Can Build It Call-Talk Show, Episode #435

The 435th Episode of our Call-in Talk Show, You Can Build It After a couple of weeks hiatus, we were back on-line Monday, July 15, 2019 I was joined by Diane Stephenson, Nancy Lou Henderson, Lew  Mcintyre, Karen McIntyre, J.L. Callison, and Jay Cadmus. The main topic...


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