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You Can Build It Call-In Talk Show

10+ years of callers sharing ideas and systems focused on Building Businesses, regardless the venue

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Most Recent Episode #492, October 30, 2023

About You Can Build It Call-In Talk Show

A lively Call-In TALK SHOW format Podcast, directed to the sharing of Ideas of Creating, Planning, Implementing and Growing an On-Line or Off-line Business. No manifesting HERE, just Raw Facts of what MUST be done to enjoy the Freedom of Wealth Building through Self-directed Business, Your host Chuck Bartok, along with a knowledgeable Crew of Marketers from all disciplines.
Originally named Beginners Marketing Class but evolved into You Can Build It, because most regular callers were building and sharing their ideas what was working and what was not working.
The first year conversations focused on Planning, Budgeting and Implementing the Written Business Plan
More recently most callers are in the Creative Fields (artists, authors, musciains) looking for direction in marketing and sales of theri products

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Live Every Mondays @ 6:30 PM Eastern

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You Can Build It | Talk Shoe

Meet The Host

Chuck Bartok

Chuck Bartok


I have hosted two weekly Call-In Talk Shows since 2006.
One focused on Self-Improvement and discussed the effect on building a successful mindset, using three of my favorite books written in the 20th Century. ( The Miracle of Right Thought, by Orison Swett Marden,The Master Key, by Charles Haanel, and Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill).
Unfortunately many of the original episodes were lost when the Hosting Platform was sold
many episode still available for download
Focus Society Of Overachievers

The second was renamed several years ago to
You Can Build It, Your Business

It focuses on sharing ideas on How To apply actions to proved system of business building, especially through the use of effective Social Media Marketing

Meet Some of Our Regular Callers 

Nancy Lou Henderson

Nancy Lou Henderson


Nancy Lou Henderson decided to write her memoir after she was divinely directed to 150 Letters written to her by husband, Frank during the Vietnam War. She built a website, posted chapters as written and effectively used Social Media to build a responsive audience who were clamored for her first book.
Visit her website Nancy Lou Henderson

Jay Cadmus

Jay Cadmus


Jay Cadmus is a writer, the author of novels “Anger’s Journey” and “Constable Outreach 35.” He has been a trucker, a teacher, a serviceman, and a salesman. He has worked as a C-141 Loadmaster in the U.S. Air Force. His contributions have been helpful. Jay is adding skill level of effective use of Scial Media  Visit his webiste, Jay Cadmus

J. L. Callison

J. L. Callison


J. L. Callison (Jerry) is a regular contributor and always shares exciting marketing ideas. He is always seeking efficient methods to spread the word about his diverse published Library. Jerry’s Books are avilable on Amazon and his website, J.L. Callison.
His latest best selling children’s book, Mouse In The House, For the Love of Peanut Butter (scroll down on his page for autographed copies)

Joanne Nesbitt

Joanne Nesbitt


Joanne Nesbitt has recently published her first book, The High Cost of Service. It is a “fiction” account focusing on the US Navy personnel and their exposure to Agenbt Orange and the effects of PTSD. Joanne spent 50 year living through the experiences. Her contriubutions regarding the challenges of publishing a “controversial book have been invaluable to listeners

Diane Stephenson

Diane Stephenson

Author, Artist, Poet

Diane Stephenson was a loyal contributor to the Focus Society of Overachievers Talk Show and the current podcast, You Can Build It almost since the beginning over 10 years ago. She is accomplished Artist and Poet, besides her skil in writing inspirational and Faith Based books.
Her website is buildng daily. She is also active on Social media. Get to know her at Diane Stephenson

Lew and Karen Mcintyre

Lew and Karen Mcintyre


Lew and Karen McIntyre publish books in slightly different genres, Lew is focused on ‘ancient’ History and Karen also uses History as a backdrop to her more modern novels. Their claim to fame on the Podcast was sharing about thier T-Shirts worn everywhere that say
Ask Me About My Books” Check out Lew’s Amazon Page and Karen’s  Page on Amazon

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