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This article was first posted on my other Blog, Best Business Mindset Alliance.
Seems new readers have shown up on this site and I felt it a good share here also

The question of Writing the Marketing Strategy
on paper comes up in many of
our initial consults.

Even though we have so many devices today to transmit ideas to ourselves and others the best way to train your subconscious to remember and visualize anything is to write it down of paper. There seems to be a real connection between the brain and the hand as your pen or pencil flows over the page when you are writing your ideas on paper.

In the past few years, we have evolved into the Mindset of Digitization and the emphasis has been even in school to use modern technology.

The Power of Intention seems to explode when it is written down

Writ it DownHave you ever noticed though, when You write something down on your to-do list, you store it in two ways — visually and kinesthetically, by using the muscles in your arm, hand, and fingers to write? Then if you read the list out loud to yourself, you have now stored in it in two more ways, by speaking and listening.

I am convinced we are far less likely to forget the items on our list. If we store the list in our computer, we are still storing it in just one way, as letters on a screen — eminently forgettable.

When clients ask Where to start, we encourage (politely demand) a WRITTEN Plan…
The persons who WRITE their Plans of Action, longhand, always enjoy a smoother Journey to Abundance.

Could it be that their subconscious is just absorbing the Written Marketing Strategy and assimilatingSubconscious Mind
the information more easily?

It is important that when writing your Plan the statements all be of Positive Nature.
All of your mission Statements, Goals and Methods of Application need to be positively directed

The steps to achieve a Positive Intention in your Written Plan with Positive Intention follows:

  • Identify the subject or situation (creating a new E-book).
  • Think about how you want it to flow, the Tone (for example, up-beat, casual, more buttoned-down).
  • Start to write (just make an attempt; write a lot or write a little).
  • Create a brief positive intention (for example a phrase or just a word that represents your intention).
  • Ask yourself if your written intention is positive and compelling (for example, do you feel inspired or clear or relieved?).

Abundant ThinkingWe would like to offer our latest publication on Thinking Positively and Abundantly

Enjoy the book, it is only 20 pages of positive mindset Ideas. Learn to Think Abundantly and may all your Write Downs have positive intentions.


What do You do about Writing
your Marketing  Strategy on paper?

Let’s discuss here in the comment section and or on our Facebook Fan Page

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