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Helpful Videos created over the years sharing ideas about
Growing Your Business and the Effective Use of Social Media

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Creating Your own Product, Part One

Mastering S.M.A.R.T. Goals

7 Tips on Engineering  Your Success, Annual Planning

Create Your Own Product, Part Two

Why Use The Internet For Business Promotion?

Create Your Own Product, Part Three, Finding Your Passion 

Create Your Own Product, Part Four, Research Your Market


  1. Marcus Hurst

    Setting Up the New Year provides a great way to zero in on what one needs to focus on. Chuck’s voice is the voice of experience,

      • Marcus Hurst

        I welcome negative feedback, because that’s the way to find the weak spots and make it better.

        • Chuck Bartok

          Great attitude Marcus.
          I also feel that is not necessary to feel “rejected” or “beat up” because of any negative feedback.
          I listen, look at the source and then decide if a change is necessary.


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