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Is YOUR Website ADA Compliant?

And why would you care if your website is ADA Compliant or not? There has been a lot of discussion about ADA Compliance and Website recently since several large Lawsuits have been judged in favor of the plaintiffs. From an article May 2019 in the Business News Daily...
Creating Engaging Content

5 Strategies used in Creating High Traffic Blog Topics

Five Strategies To Source Engaging High-Traffic Blog Topics When you invest the time in gathering detailed information about your business and audience, what you're really doing is narrowing the field. Think of it like putting filters on a search engine experience....
Mentoring needed?

Is a Mentor Needed?

Sophocles once said: "It can be no dishonor to learn from others when they speak good sense". What are the qualities needed in a 'mentor' in order to learn from them? Finding a mentor that operates from a position of good sense may be hard to find in this world of...
Mind Games Win Wenger

Do You Know the Secret for Accessing Knowledge?

An Age-Old Secret For Accessing Knowledge Over the centuries, human beings have developed many techniques to gain access to their inner wisdom and improve learning, and with the introduction and proliferation of the Internet and Search Engines, it all seems so easy....
Does an Author Need a Website

Are Author Websites Necessary?

Are Author Websites Necessary? Actually, are any websites necessary to market your 'products' effectively? On Facebook Groups and on our weekly Call-In Talk Show the subject of having an Author Website fo writes is a much-discussed subject. The subject of Author...
Two Most Powerful Words

The Two Most Powerful Words in the World

The Two Most Powerful Words in the World. Years ago I asked a very successful person the Secret of their Huge Success. The answer took me by surprise, awaiting deep and detailed facts about esoteric systems and machinations. His simple answer was "Always Say Please...

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Chuck Bartok

Serial Entrepreneur enjoying helping others growing their Business Mindset. 
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Social Media Blog

Effective Social MediaEffective Use of Social Media for all businesses, regardless of the venue, has proved to deliver very acceptable ROI.
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Growing Your Business

The following articles are designed to help to enhance your planning and growing your business to the level you desire.
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Ideas for Self-Improvement


The following articles share ideas and techniques I have gathered to help me grow in self-direction and realize the power within.
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