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Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom Begins in Your Mind

Personal Freedom Begins in Your Mind You might be surprised to learn that the biggest obstacle to your personal freedom is right between your ears. A negative mindset is the biggest block to freedom. There are so many parts of your life you cannot control, from the...
What's Love Got to do with it

What’s Love Got to Do With it…?

What's Love Got to Do With it...? Strange title for a self-improvement blog post? LOVE is probably one of the most important factors involved in improving oneself and so often it is overlooked by the gurus, who typically emphasize the need for: SETTING GOALS FOR...
Goal Setting

Reasons for Goal Setting

5 Reasons You Should Set Smart Goals for Yourself   Search “goal setting” on your favorite search browser, and you will find yourself with hundreds of thousands of results. Everything on how to set SMART goals to worksheets and books on how to reach them. However, so...

10 Smart Ways to Stay in Control of Your Schedule

Are you In Control of your Business Time and Energy? There are a lot of things competing for attention these days. Therefore, taking control of your schedule and making time for the things most important to you is essential. Otherwise, you'll end up letting other...
Embrace Imperfection

Should you Embrace Imperfection?

Embrace Imperfection to Raise Self-Worth Everywhere you look nowadays there is advice on how to strive, beat the competition, be happy, successful, wealthy, thin, married to your soulmate, have perfect kids, balance work, and life, win the marathon and then come home...
Persistence by Orison Sweet Marden

What Does Orison Swett Marden Say About Being Persistent?

As I have mentioned in other article the writing of Orison Swett Marden has had a profound and long-lasting impact on my personal development. Every time I re-read his books I am always redirected to a more solid personal direction. Life has a way of throwing us...

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