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Website Set Up and Consultation

(5 customer reviews)


Getting Started with your Wordpress Website and Social Media Marketing

Minimum of 6 sessions to guide through setting up your Word Press Website, setting up and coordinating with your Social Media Pages effectively, and helping set up a list building program. Via telephone and Screen Sharing. Usually accomplished in 15-20 hours of combined sessions.
Please Contact me with questions


3 Months of Guidance

Minimum of 8 sessions to guide you through setting up your Word Press Website, coordinating with your Social Media Pages effectively, and helping set up a list-building program. Via telephone and Screen Sharing.

Usually accomplished in 10-15 hours of combined sessions. My goal is to guide YOU through to the total management of your site and still stay connected through the first year.

3 Installments of $250 Available

Please contact me with questions

5 reviews for Website Set Up and Consultation

  1. J.L. Callison

    I have been the beneficiary of Chuck’s website assistance and can gladly recommend his services. He doesn’t speak “geek” but has the ability to explain things in terms a dinosaur, such as myself, can understand. I also know several others of my generation that he has helped to get online and develop a presence. If he can help someone like me, I know he can help anybody. Patient and understanding, he is a pleasure to work with.

    • Chuck Bartok

      Thank you, Jerry.
      I enjoy working with people who apply pressure to Action steps

  2. Nancy Lou Henderson

    Chuck Bartok helped me set up my website and Author Facebook page.
    Chuck is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable, and he will guide you through the setups efficiently and easily.
    I appreciate that Chuck knows how to explain techy stuff in terms this senior could understand.
    Another wonderful thing about Chuck, he is easy to reach by phone, if you have an emergency.Plus he’s just a really nice person.

    • Chuck Bartok

      You are a stellar ‘student’, Nancy.
      You grasped the concept and ran with it very strong 3 years ago.
      I honor our freindship

  3. Harriet Harrer

    What I am enjoying most of all about Chuck is that he gives the customer full reign to implement whatever it is they “think” want. I’ve found out that what I THINK is best and Chuck’s experience and vast knowledge of marketing often looks much different than my own narrow focus.
    Chuck is quick to respond (I’ve never had to wait more than 24 hours at the very most!) to any and all emails and inquiries and always goes over and above what the boundaries of marketing sessions often entail. He is reliable, honest and calls it as his vast experience warrants it.
    I highly recommend Chuck and his broad expertise to show me the very best to get and keep new customers!

    • Chuck Bartok

      I appreciate your good words.
      With a few tweaks to your marketing system, your Book sales jumped ahead this past week.
      Congratulations, Harriet

  4. Jay Cadmus

    Chuck Bartok is a big picture guy. In any true communication setting, there is a sender, receiver and common thought developed between the two. He offers himself as both sender and receiver. In my talks with him, he listened first – without bias. Only after careful thought – weighing his knowledge against the course at hand – does he provide specific suggestions to follow for the receiver – You. Like an archer bracketing her shots; learning from each pull and release; You can build a successful WordPress website. What’s your desire? Enhancement of your personal online relationships; or, development of your niche business.
    I came to associate with Chuck Bartok through another web connection by chance. My efforts in online presence were by trial and error. I had 250 connections – friends, associates and others collected by mutual efforts. Today my connections are over 500 by posited action from the suggestions Chuck offered. He listens. He proposes a course of action specific to your desires. And, always provides knowledge that builds on the needs of any successful online entrepreneur. I am pleased to recommend Getting Started with Your WordPress Website. Go for it!

    • Chuck Bartok

      I am humbled by your compliment, Jay.
      You are another person who applies action to suggestions,
      after careful thought on how those suggestions fit into your mindset.
      One can get some insight into YOUR personality reading your Book
      Constable Outreach 35
      Thank you for the opportunity of being some help

  5. John Brand

    In 2008 Chuck was instrumental in directing and teaching me how to take advantage of social media to get my website off to the best start possible. He has constantly updated me over the years to the cutting edges of all social media. Together we produced You Tube videos, a blog, Pinterest, google shopping and positioning, Twitter, Facebook etc. and now they are paying off during this viruse stay in place as my website traffic and sales has doubled. I strongly recommend you to give him a chance to help you. Guarantee he’s worth every penny. http://Www.Buckarooleather.Com

    • Chuck Bartok

      I really appreciate the review, John.
      But the real energy and success came from your willingness to try new ideas
      and follow-through. Your Facebook Page has over 40,000 eager followers who are always engaged with your content and visit the Website often.
      I so enjoyed making the Videos with you, showing your Quality products being used.
      Here is one a favorite that has had over 15,000 views. It’s nostalgic to see Jonathans favorite Cutting Mare, Cass coming out of retirement to model
      Fitting the Breast Collar

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