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Mastering Think and Grow Rich, Going Beyond

Beyond Think and Grow Rich



In 1937 Napoleon Hill introduced Think and Grow Rich to the world and it has become the second largest selling Self-help Books, next to the Bible,  by 2011 over 70 million copies had been sold worldwide

The text of Think and Grow Rich is founded on Hill’s earlier work
The Law of Success, the Napoleon Hill Beyond Think and Grow Richresult of more than twenty years of research based on Hill’s close association with a large number of individuals who achieved great wealth during their lifetimes.


Although the number of people who have had access to the book is large, we wonder why MORE people have not implemented the Principles outlined so clearly in Think and Grow Rich.

If people would Study and Apply Action to Think and Grow Rich they could Develop the power that was given to every single human to be successful.

Do You Want to:

Learn how to turn right at the fork in the road and follow the right path to true happiness.

Napoleon Hill knew what he was talking about when he wrote Think and Grow Rich. It wasn’t because he was self-centered and wanted the riches of King Solomon.

He wanted the riches of all people to grow and break the back of the Great Depression.


If so, get your Beyond Think and Grow Rich Course Today

We have edited 120 hours of Talk Show conversation from our popular Talk Show, The Focus Society of Overachievers down to over 40 hours of clear and concise Interactive Dialog with Real people discussing how to use the Principles of Think and Grow Rich in today’s Business Environment. Chapter by Chapter is addressed with some powerful Insights on proved systems, outlined by Napoleon Hill over 75 years ago. Plus provide a 35-page workbook.

Hardcore facts are timeless and these principles hold true today even more than when this information was first given.

Listen to the following excerpt:

So what will you receive for


  • 40 hours of quality Mp3 files. covering all the Chapters of Think and Grow Rich

  • A 35 page PDF of an essay style Workbook

  • PDF copy of the original Syntax edition of Think and Grow Rich




Beyond Think and Grow Rich


If after 30 days, you have listened to the 40 hours and completed the Workbook correctly
and you have not experienced any Increase in your Life,
send the Completed workbook back and we will refund your Money

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