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Chuck Bartok

Serial Entrepreneur enjoying helping others growing their Business Mindset.
Warning, I have a reputation for being a Contrarian and a Curmudgeon



Hello. I am Chuck Bartok, a 60+ year veteran of Entrepreneurial pursuits. Some good, some bad, but all worthwhile. Spending most of my time now working with others, helping them enjoy Personal and Financial Success

Besides my gorgeous wife Shirley, I have been blessed to share my life with 5 children (three surviving), 8 grandchildren and, so far 7 great-grandchildren. What an opportunity to learn so much.

Most of my ventures focused in the agri-business field and for a few years, the financial services industry, mainly personal and business benefit plans, and all businesses generated comfortable Income.

I now spend most of my time enjoying the sharing of ideas and helping other entrepreneurs Growing their Businesses, and involvement in Publishing with my longtime associate, James Strauss 

As an example of a Small Business, I created a DVD showing how to Grow a High Yield of Tomatoes on a small plot and earn some Money. This was a test using the principles of Planning Goal setting and applying action to a Business Plan

I was Honored to be Interviewed by Peter Wright and Kathleen Beauvais



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I was privileged to be introduced to Napoleon Hill’s and Charles Haanel in 1960 at UCR. Those books spelled out such a simple entrepreneurial path to follow that I adopted the principles of Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, and Orison Swett Marden, along with “Proverbs”

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