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The 438th Episode of the You Can Build It Call-in Talk Show
was podcasted on Monday, August 12, 2019

I was privileged to be joined by Nancy Lou Henderson, Donna SetterlundJay Cadmus, J.L. Callison, and Jawara D. King.

Our callers on this Episode represent brand new Authors and seasoned Veterans of the Publishing Industry.

The main topic of the session was the Author Website. Regular maintenance, plugin management, and updating.

We also discussed the Website, Booksie .

James Strauss joined it to enter a short story contest  ($9.95). But after spending time the decision was made to pay for annual membership $29.95.
Jim has uploaded 9 short stories and also featured his published books with Amazon direct links.

In a weeks time, his Short Stories have been read 1,420 times. 

Recap of Episode 438:
1. Remember to monitor your website often. Especial y  cautious of Plugins and Theme conflicts
2. You may want to look at the site BOOKSIE to help establish your presence
3. Do not be afraid to edify other authors in your genre
4. Cross Promotion is a rewarding endeavor

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