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A Blast from the Past and SEO

You Can Build It, Call In Talks Show – Episode #358 from February 2017

I have recently been spending time going through the history of my presence on the Internet and setting important files up to be in safekeeping

I am using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and personally-owned Flash drives for the content feel most valuable.

Most of you know fo years I conducted two Call-In Talk Shows each week

The Focus Society of Overachievers and You Can Build It

Unfortunately, we lost a couple of hundred of the early episodes of both show’s episodes when TalkShoe was acquired by another company.
One of the main reasons why I am going back into all of my files and making sure they will be available in the future.

Along that direction, If you as a business person using the Internet want to know you are “in control” I highly encourage you to USE your Website/Blog as your

Jack Humphrey, SEO specialist

Jack Humphrey of Brick Road Media

marketing HUB and then use Social Media to drive traffic to YOUR property and encourage engagement

This was the first episode after a 2-year Hiatus and I thank Jack Humphrey and Joyce Green for being guests.
Jack shared some easy to understand ideas about SEO. It is important for anyone who expects their Internet presence to grow to understand the How-To with SEO.

I really suggest if you need some answers to connect with Jack Humphrey and his dynamic Company, Brick Road Media. He is a No-Nonsense guy and a real friend of “Wildlife” to boot

We also discussed a new website for James Strauss just being produced at that time and how SEO and Social worked together to build a Tribe of fans and buyers

Listen Now or Click on mp3 Logo to download to your hard-drive for later.

Episode #3563, You Can Build It Talk Show

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