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Should a Business Mindset focus more on Blogging Content or Social Media Content?

This question has been the topic of webinars, group narratives, forums and social dialog for a few years.

It is true that Social Dialog seems to dominate, especially with the move toward more mobile web access. But so much of that has a short lifespan and in some cases, not much depth.

Blogging, on the other hand, allows the writer time to fine-tune the content and, if they are self-hosted, to know there is a Never Ending Story. Plus the opportunity for comments to build and, in many cases, become a substantive source of relevant content to the initial article.

In a discussing web/blog commenting with a good friend and SEO Guru, Jack Humphrey of Brick Road Media, he mentioned that commenting has seemed to decline because it was easier to post to Social Media. I tended to agree until we studied the remarkable and seemingly contrary results seen on a site we are both vested in, James Strauss

Jim Strauss finally decided to publish a story about his ‘Thirty Days Has September Vietnam experiences, almost 50 years ago, and sought ideas on how to generate interest because the traditional publishing business is truly a “den of thieves”. I suggested posting the chapters as written on his website and using social media the announce the updates of new chapters.

His Facebook page, James Strauss Writer, has 14,000+ fans but when he posts each post receives about 400 shares creating an organic audience of 15,000 to 20,000 per post. That is impressive BUT the website receives 4,000 to 6,000 page views daily and MOST IMPORTANT in-depth comments of serious readers salivating for the Print and Kindle versions of his books.

To date in the past 30 months, there have been over 20,000 comments.

Example of some the 20,000+ comments:
From Ray: Jim—Not going to tell you are doing a good Job, as that is a given. l check a couple of time a day to see if there is a new episode and if there is I make myself wait maybe the rest of the day before reading, that way do not have to wait as long for the next one. I’m not too bright but think it works for me. You may have answered them before, but is this 30 days a rough draft and will be turned into book form with more text or just turned into a book? Either way, I have to get the book to pass around to others. Semper Fi
From Roy: I once read a series of 6 books; only the first was written when I read it. It took eight years and as each book came out I reread each of the others again before the new book. I think waiting for the two to three days between installments of “30 Days” is as bad if not worse. I see little mistakes you make but I hope they’ll be found by a good proofreader before publishing (I won’t critique). An engrossing tale, so different from the war I fought. But then war is a very personal experience no matter how similar or dissimilar each’s experience happens to be. Keep up the great work…works like yours should be required reading…and service should be mandatory!

What James Strauss has done through blogging the content and directing referrals from Social Media is to create an eager to buy audience and we feel that is an excellent Business Mindset strategy

Social media does direct a lot of traffic, but our Business Mindsets are convinced the quality of CONTENTand the lively input and dialog in the comment section, is what is building the loyal customer base. Some major websites have quit allowing comments. We feel that may prove to be a mistake?

I am still convinced that a Business, large or small, and regardless the venue will still benefit from delivering quality content to their targeted audience through the time and capital investment in a blogging website.

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