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The 442nd episode of the You Can Build It Call-in Talk show, recorded October 7, 2019

I was honored to be joined by Jawara D. King, Donna Setterlund, Lew McIntyre, Joanne Nesbitt, J.L. Callison, Diane Stephenson, Nancy Lou Henderson, Jay Cadmus, and Phil Sanko

The conversation focused on the Author and Reader site BOOKSIE,

Several callers have gained positive results from this Reader/Author Directory of content. It has a ‘community aspect‘ and does increase an author’s ranking with Amazon. My associate James Strauss has had wonderful traffic and engagement. He has posted 22 Short Stories, many articles, and essays and has one book in progress. He posts new chapters as written. It seems the $29.95 annual fee for PRO upgrade is a ‘good buy’

Phil Sanko inquired about covers and several callers offered suggestions. Of course, the fabulous work of Donna Setterlund was discussed.

The advantages of creating and adding content (possible chapters read) an active YouTube channel. Always include your website page where your Books are available.

Here is the streaming player for the entire Episode;

Episode #442

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Be sure to look at some of our caller’s books on Amazon.

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