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The Two Most Powerful Words in the World.

Years ago I asked a very successful person the Secret of their Huge Success. The answer took me by surprise, awaiting deep and detailed facts about esoteric systems and machinations.

His simple answer was “Always Say Please and Thank You”

I came across this post from 2019 by a close friend, Anthony Michalski, the owner of Kallisti Publishing

Here’s something funny. Especially for you students of Charles FHaanel.

Charles F. Haanel did not write much — if anything — about gratitude and thankfulness.

Sure. That’s all the rage now. But back then? Back in 1912?

You just don’t find a lot of that. At least not like we have now. It’s there in subtext, but not in the outright-in-your-face kind of way as it is today.

Maybe they were just more naturally grateful for what they had, seeing that they didn’t live with as many conveniences as we have today. And it’s those conveniences that sometimes undercut our sense of being thankful. They really do. When everything is so abundant and accessible, it becomes very easy to think of even what at one time would be a king’s treasure as one’s due.

Very strange indeed.

Not for us, though. We know. We understand. That’s why we are grateful. Every. Single. Day. We’re grateful for what we have.

We’re also grateful for what we don’t have. (Because aren’t those the things that impel us to improve and do more and better?)

More importantly — most importantly — we’re grateful for the people we have in our lives.

Our parents.
Our children.
Our siblings.
Our friends.
Our acquaintances.
The people who work for us.
And the people for whom we work.

Even the people we have yet to meet.
Everyone is there for a reason. We may not know the reason (yet), but that doesn’t matter. Because everything in this world is about people.

(And that’s something about which Mr. Haanel wrote. Just thumb through The Master Key System … It’s all there.)

The Two Most Powerful Words in the World.

Thank you.

Even more powerful than the Three Most Powerful Words, (I Love You)

Thank you.

Words that should never be left silent and should always be spoken.

Thank you,

Anthony Michalski

The past 7 decades have allowed me to understand that self-improvement and the journey to abundance can be more easily attained by following some simple habits. Such as always saying Please and Thank You

Anthony (Tony) R. Michalski is the founder and owner of Kallisti Publishing— the premier publisher and provider of top quality motivational, instructional, and personal development products, materials, experiences, and events that improve peoples’ lives. Anthony started Kallisti Publishing when he introduced the world to Charles F. Haanel and The Master Key System in 2000. Today, Kallisti Publishing is the only company in the world that publishes all of Mr. Haanel’s works.


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