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Are you in control of the God-given Power Within?

Who is your True Authentic Self?

Are you a product of Social Construct or have you developed the SELF over which you have total control? There are two core beliefs are that the true self tends to be moral and good. So, when people make a change in their actions, they are more likely to be judged as doing something that reflects their True Authentic Self when they change from doing something bad to something good than vice versa.

Your control of the Power Within managing YOUR True authentic self is discussed in the 29-minute podcast below

Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free. – Eckhart Tolle

For several years I enjoyed sharing ideas about self-improvement on our weekly Call-In Talk Show, Focus Society of Overachievers.

Unfortunately, because of the sale of the Podcast Platform a few years ago, many of the initial episodes discussing Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key, The Miracle of Right Thought, and several other books of this genre were lost forever. But the episodes, still available, share great ideas about Self-Development and Owning Your True Authentic Self.

Listen Streaming to Episode 388 from April 2, 2013.
You can also download and save on your hard drive for later listening.
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As I mentioned before many of the original episodes are lost forever but a few years ago we were able to edit 140 hours (thanks to Sam Camerano) of engaged conversation about Think and Grow Rich into 40 power hours of conversation on HOW that book has impacted the lives of many of our callers.

For a small fee, those episodes are available, along with a 35-page PDF workbook,
in downloadable mp3 format

Beyond Think and Grow Rich

Beyond Think and Grow Rich

Did you like what you heard? Always appreciate the sharing of your experiences in the world of Self-Improvement.

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