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The word ACORN has really been in the news lately and that brought to mind the simple adage that greatness is naturally developed from small items. ACORNS are, Oak Treeof course, the seed, coded with the Genetic plan to develop into the ultimate Creation…the magnificent Oak Tree.

That genetic code can be altered by outside Influence and natural mutation and the Tree may grow to be stunted or misshaped. but the majority of all Acorns will mature to the Tree originally determined.

What does this have to do with Home Based Business development and Successful self-directed Lifestyles?

We are born in the Image and Likeness of Greatness. Naturally endowed with the Genetic code directed toward Success and Greatness.

Miracle of Right Thought bu Orison Swett MardenYes, every one of us.

To get a clear perspective of these ideas, grab a FREE copy of The Miracle of Right Thought, by Orison Swett Marden

Your Free copy of The Miracle of Right Thought

It is not difficult for anyone to focus on the ACORN of Creativity and Entrepreneurship, plant it in a Fertile conscious and subconscious field, nurture it with massive action and awareness from increased knowledge and masterminding with like-minded individuals, and enjoy the benefit of a Huge Oak Tree of Success.

On November 23, 2020 there are 39 days left in the current year…

  • How have your ACORNS grown this year?
  • Are you on track for your annual Goal?
  • What is needed to “increase the Fertilization program?

For years we have conducted a 100-day analysis with our sales associates and members of Mastermind Groups. If you would like a Free 1/2 hour Evaluation to help point you to top solutions to accelerates the Growth of YOUR Oaktree, give me a call.


Let’s enjoy this Productive Fall season and Grow our dreams with more acceleration.

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I have found the simple premise outlined so clearly to be of Real Value and has already helped Refocus my last 4th quarter direction

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