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9 Helpful Tips to Help Gain Success in the “Modern” World


There is a lot of information on the importance of being Up-To-Date in this supposed fast-changing modern world to complete the journey on your Road to Success. Some espouse that it requires a “modern approach” and you will get left behind if you aren’t willing to adapt to the times. I agree there are many more tools available today with the advances in information dispensing “tools”, but so many of the suggestions below have been powerful for the past 8 decades of my life and utilize a lot of common sense.

These tips will help you write a ‘modern success’ story if action is applied.

You Need to Be Authentic

Before the explosion of social media, much of our communication was done in person or via telephone, and being AUTHENTIC was more easily determined by those we approached or talked with. People can tell when you are being authentic and when you are just going through the motions. If you aren’t authentic, it will rub people the wrong way. Any message you try to convey will be met with doubt and skepticism. Figure out who you are – and honor it through your actions even when using the ‘modern’ system such as social media and email

Learn How to Tune Out Distractions

Focusing on the single task at hand is a necessary skill to develop. Unfortunately, we live in a distraction-packed world.  Especially with all of the ‘notifications systems’ on various devices. These are ostensibly there to HELP you but in reality, can be very detrimental on your journey to abundance and success. Learn how to tune them out. when you are applying energy to relevant tasks that need attention. Disconnect from the world of constant “notifications.” It isn’t healthy or productive to be constantly stimulated and distracted.

You will be amazed at how much more can be accomplished, generally in a shorter time.

Grow Thick Skin

Everyone has an opinion, and the internet provides the perfect place to share it …constantly. People will have opinions about you, and they will let you know.  Opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone has one and they are generally useless to your Plan of Action. You can’t take them personally. You need to focus on YOURSELF and the people you care about.

Be Prepared to Pivot

It is natural for us to crave stability but it seems we live in a chaotic world. We wake up each morning and aren’t sure what the next big news story will be.
Will AI have taken your job?
Will climate change force you to move?
Will a recession destroy your business?
Your ability to adapt and pivot in the face of sudden change will be vital to your success. Being aware of outside influences on your business and lifestyle is critical, but it is also not difficult to be in control of the majority of factors impacting your business and lifestyle.
Stay informed through solid analysis of information…Not necessarily the ‘nightly news’ or social media ‘posts’
Always have an opening to make changes accommodating some of the outside influences that truly affect your circumstances.

Embrace Technology

Technology is fraught with issues but is still a vital tool in the modern world. Used properly, technology can help boost your efficiency and productivity. The key is keeping current on the most important tech and learning how to use it. However, don’t be ‘first on the block’ to try all of the shiny new rings.  be informed and study carefully the initial results of NEW TOYS and be sure they fit your Master Plan of Action.

Embrace Technology but don’t allow it to imprison YOU.

Fail & Fail Fast

Why waste time worrying if your idea or plan will fail when you can immediately find out by trying it? Yeah, it isn’t fun to fail, but in the worst-case scenario, you still learn a lesson and can move on to try something else. In the best-case scenario – you succeed!

  • Failure is not necessarily the END, Failures can provide benefits.
  • It allows you to re-evaluate what is truly important. The more you fail, the less you have to lose
  • Failure means you gave it a shot
  • Failure teaches us how to adapt
  • Failure fosters humility and improves your humanity.

Networking Has Changed

Networking is still an important tool for success. It has certainly changed, though. The networking of yesteryear looks significantly different than the modern era. Smartphones, the Internet, Zoom, work-from-home, and social media have all changed how we network. It isn’t up to us to decide if it is better, but we do have to figure out how to make it work.

Even though we have so many “modern” systems to facilitate Networking, the in-your-face, Personal Connection continues to be very rewarding and can ‘get the job done” more quickly

Self-Care Isn’t A Luxury

Self-care isn’t just “nice to have. ” It is something you need to take seriously. Prioritizing your health and mental needs isn’t selfish. Proper self-care will ensure you are more refreshed and productive when attacking your goals.

You Find Hope

We aren’t living in the calmest and most joyful era. The media bombards us with problems and negative directions. We can’t always rely on the world around us to provide us with hope. Sometimes, it is up to us to find hope on a personal level. Figure out WHY you want to succeed, and use that as your guiding light of hope.


  • Commit to learning something new about technology. Learn about the latest trends or brush up your skills on a platform of your choice.
  • Make room in your schedule for self-care. Create a weekly block of time where you focus on nothing but your mental or physical health needs.
  • Have you been putting off a big decision? Decide on it now – RIGHT NOW – and then act on that decision.


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