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Seeking and attaining Perfection is a topic widely discussed by the “business coaches” and “gurus”

You know the adage, “perfect practice prevents poor performance

BUT what is Perfect and what is Perfection?

In the past few years, I have been enjoying the opportunity of meeting and working with “Creatives”. Authors, musicians, artists, and poets. Their ability to create images and stories through various medium fascinates me since I was not endowed with such natural talent. ~~smile

Working with them in developing the Business Side of their endeavors has led to some interesting conclusions.

Some feel the need to fine-tune over and over again, seeking perfection in the final product and others boldly step forward, “publish” and then listen to their market.
Those who may rush into it then are not afraid to re-edit, and change, many times explaining to their “fans” why and how.

I have noticed several recent authors posting their novel chapter as written on their Author website and growing an engaged tribe of readers who offer their suggestions and edits in the comment sections. The authors apply the suggestions and when Novel is finished and published sales seem to be BRISK.

Here is an example of Novel In progress by James Strauss
The final publication will probably be modified

The point of this seemingly meandering discourse is:
Do some creatives Wait Too Long seeking Perfection?
I wonder what would happen if they gathered a group of friendly observers and shared the development?

I have been noticing my creative wife does this often. Shirley paints something, presents it to the public, but many times will go back and make “changes” and reintroduce.

She just did this today. The rock pictured on the left was painted a couple of weeks ago and was “published”, garnering good reviews. Then she decided something was missing and made some changes as you can see on the image right, and republished, again with good reviews. I asked her why she showed the first time, her answer was simple, “I liked it, but like it more now.” I liked them both.

Shirley’s Praying Hand Rocks

Praying Hands by Shirley's Yard Art Praying Hand Painted Rock Shirley's Yard Art

Which do you like best?

Should we wait until everything is Perfect?
What is wrong with this attempt at writing ~~smile?

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