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3 Tips to Help You Take Action Now

I discussed becoming an ACTION TAKER in a recent post. But I thought I would share some easy tips and tricks on how to APPLY that ACTION NOW

Not everyone has the same drive to TAKE ACTION Some people are naturally just better at taking action than others. At least, that’s how it can often seem when you want to take action but can’t figure out how you should go about it. The truth is, that YOU can transform yourself from a thinker to a doer using the following three secrets.

Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time

The most obvious difference between a thinker and someone who is a doer is that doers don’t worry about waiting for the perfect time. This is because perfection is a myth. There is no such thing as the perfect time. You will always have a full schedule; you will always have other things to do. It is time to accept that there is no time like the present for whatever you wish to accomplish. So stop waiting,and start doing instead.

Write Your Plan Down

It is amazing how much more top of mind a written Plan of Action becomes and so people don’t take action now because they aren’t sure where to start.
When you WRITE It Down it seems to become more realistic and actionable
If your plan is quite large, like a career change, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. What helps with this is to sit down and make an outline of your plan or goal.
It is amazing how much more top of mind a written Plan of Action becomes.
But, I personally have never set any large number of goals to accomplish daily. Break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces.
Then, start with the first manageable piece that you can do. For the career example listed above, the first step would be to update your resume to apply for new jobs. Seems much more approachable than just thinking you want a new career, right?
And with small er and more manageable goals, it is easier to feel the exhilaration of self-accomplishment daily.
Be nice to YOURSELF and success seems to fall into place more easily.

Overcome Your Fear

Are you afraid to take action now because you don’t think you will be successful? Or maybe you are afraid that you will make mistakes along the way? You aren’t alone. Most people who aren’t doers don’t take action because they are afraid of what could happen. Either way, it’s time to overcome these fears so that you can take action now. And the best way to do this is by recognizing that you are human and that making mistakes is part of life. Don’t worry about thinking you may fail; this is okay too. Remember that all successful people have had failures too. This doesn’t mean they didn’t eventually achieve their dreams!

Taking action now can seem like a tall order, but when you have these three secrets up your sleeve, you may find that taking action is easier than you originally thought. So if you have big plans for your life, don’t sit around waiting for them to happen on their own. Take action today and make your dream a reality.

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