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Example of Repurposed Content

We discussed Repurposing Content on the Call-In Talk Show on Monday, June 2, 2019. Changing the format and delivery of previously created content, be it Text, Images, Video or Audio, is an easy way to get more mileage and reach a larger audience.

I found an old Powerpoint presentation I created when I was spending time visiting Chambers of Commerce and sharing ideas on how to use Social media to attract new customers and appeal to existing customer base. The presentation was more in-depth than this short Powerpoint.

    1. Converted the slides to images.
    2. Uploaded to Windows Movie Maker or iMovie
    3. Used the free software, Audacity to record the “text” to audio.
    4. Then matched the time the Slide shows to the length of time of the reading of the text.
    5. Save as a Video File
    6. Then uploaded to YouTube, added keywords relevant to the video and a brief description with a link to my Website “for more Information” and shared to Twitter
    7. Also, uploaded raw file to Facebook and added keywords, text description and boosted for $5 to a select demographic, plus shared to a couple of groups. 
    8. All of this took about an hour.


Will report back later on the Facebook page what results were experienced in a week.

Here is the completed Project

Not meant to be a polished perfection rather an example

Your comments and questions are appreciated below

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