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Entrepreneurs over 50 years of age offer significant “golden dividends” for economies wrestling with aging populations that place a disproportionate burden on resources
—according to a 2017 report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

“Older Americans took more entrepreneurial risks in 2017 while their younger counterparts took fewer.”

New research shows that entrepreneurial behavior among older Americans (44-99) rose significantly in 2017. Younger adults in the 18-44 age range — traditionally the hotbed of US entrepreneurial activity — reduced their entrepreneurial activity in 2017.

These lofty studies and statistics are not surprising when we study the Mindset of the older age groups. I live in an “Experienced Citizen” community and the number of neighbors who are involved in entrepreneurial activities is a healthy percentage. The exciting business-minded people attending our call-in talk show Podcast are definitely NOT millennials.

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” – Gabriel García Márquez

A few years ago when the then popular video platform, BLAB was available I used it to interview a young ‘Grandma’, Julie Martin Cole, who followed the path to

Julie Martin Cole

“Grandma Julie” with another addition

success using Social media to promote a 7 figure business she started from scratch in her early fifties.

The one major point to focus on when listening to her story is, regardless of the business, Julie also had an End Game in place.

Julie’s story is duplicated so many times throughout the USA in recent years. Watch the video and soak in the gems she outlines. I loved the fact her husband Lent her the money and charged Interest!

Warning: the video may be a bit choppy. BLAB’s platform had issues. Maybe that is why it is no longer a platform? But the audio is VERY clear

Interview with Julie Thomas Cole

If you would prefer to just listen at your leisure here is Audio Only

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