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Look like a ‘mass migration’ of Facebook and Twitter audiences to the less filtered sites!

Or is it?

First of all, I believe the discussion should focus on what the user’s intent is for using Social Media.

I am reviewing a few below based on my experience:

The Social Media site Parler has had so much activity they are having a hard time staying operational the past few days. PARLER is partially owned by Dan Bongino, an American conservative political commentator, radio show host, author, politician, former New York City Police Department officer, and former Secret Service agent. Bongino ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a Republican in 2012.

I personally find it a bit difficult to navigate and seems awkward to post. Their claim to fame is NO censored of input. It will be interesting how far that will go. Currently, I do not see it as a site that can build exposure since they do NOT offer Groups of Like-Minded Contributors. My handle is @ChuckBartok.

One real complaint is one needs to have a code that seemingly is sent to cell-phone SMS. I usually do NOT use a cell phone, except when I need to speak to someone while traveling I spend about 5 minutes daily on PARLER


MeWe has been in existence for a bit longer and is supposedly also an ‘uncensored’ site. MeWe claims to have 8 million members (and is projected to reach 40 million in 2020), works to create freedom from more than just advertising. Its other goals are much broader The platform is easy to navigate and I have really enjoyed engaging with those of shared interests in the Group posting and chats. I have found some great connections on this site and of course, it does take time to manage and develop relationships, similar to Facebook and Twitter.

Some differences about MeWe is they are advertised as a “privacy first” platform that claims it will never attempt to collect data from users. The platform also insists that all content shared belongs to the user that posts it. Advertisements are also currently not present on MeWe, which is likely to be another aspect that some users don’t like with Facebook. The MeWe platform also comes with many features that have been commonplace in Facebook, such as content sharing, chatting, video calls, and groups, so the company is counting on its uniqueness to persuade users, but at the same time, not sacrificing features that users are accustomed to

MeWe is also offering a “Premium Plan that includes

  • Video Journals for Your StoriesUnlimited Voice + Video Calling
  • Unlimited Custom Emojis + Stickers
  • Unlimited Custom Themes100GB of MeWe Cloud Storage
  • Premium Profile Badge

 $4.99 per month subscription


Gab is a very similar platform to MeWe seemingly catering to politically motivated users. Again their claim to fame is lack of censoring. According to the untrustworthy site Wikipedia “The site has been widely described as a safe haven for extremists including neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right.”

According to GAB:

Gab seeks to export the uniquely American value of free speech to the entire world. Regardless of whether Gab’s administrators, outside activist pressure groups, “cancel culture” Internet mobs, the mainstream media, foreign governments, or any other persons agree with any Gabber’s viewpoints: political speech that is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution will be allowed on the platform. Illegal activity, threats of violence, doxxing, pornography, child exploitation, and spam are not allowed on Gab.

Gab also offer a PREMIUM Membership with supposedly more features at $7.99 per month (Paid Annually) and includes the following

  • Schedule Post
  • Compose Rich Text
  • Create GroupsBecome an admin of your own group for any interest.
  • Larger Video Uploads – Video uploading limits increased to 1 gig per video.
  • No Ads
  • Remove all promoted posts in your Gab Social feeds.
  • PRO Badge
  • Bookmark gabs. Bookmark and save gabs to a private collection.
  • Self-destructing gabs
  • Set your gabs to automatically delete after a period of time.

My observations:

After living a ‘few years’, I realized my job is NOT to convince anyone to think politically or religiously the way I do, so, therefore, the political aspects and ‘Censoring’ (other than much of it is against my grain, regarding FREEDOMS) of Social Media management are not a real concern.

What I am interested in is where does my market hangout and how easy and economically can they be engaged and how easy is it to establish a mutually beneficial relationship and share an abundant journey of Life?

Personally, I am currently comfortable with Facebook and Twitter, but keeping a close eye on MeWe. Social Media is used as a quality tool in the toolbox of business management to grow a responsive customer base, build solid relationships for the continued growth of your Business.

What have been your experiences?
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