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Are we really Socially Engaging on Social Media?

I have always wondered why so many seem to spend time on Social media Sites and not Engage.

In my humble opinion, effective Social Media requires YOUR engagement of commenting, posting information and offering an opinion, in order to develop Solid relationships.

I found these 7 helpful tips on Engagement from Heidi Cohen posted in useful blog I subscribe to, ClickZ

7 Ways to Encourage Participant Action
From a marketing perspective, here are seven suggestions to boost participation on social media platforms.

  1. Show them the way. Start with a core set of users who create the initial content so that your site doesn’t look deserted. Remember, no one wants to be the first one at a party.
  2. Build a social media tribe. Start with your group of like-minded individuals who support your efforts.
  3. Ask visitors to participate. Use an appropriate call-to-action (CTA) to get visitors to take the next step.
  4. Make it easy to act. Realize that participants may be nervous about their writing. Make contributing effortless and risk-free. Also streamline confirmation that they’re a human not a bot.
  5. Remind them. Take your cue from Amazon. Follow up with buyers to encourage them to return to review products.
  6. Recognize contributors. Depending on the social media format, use different methods to thank and spotlight participants. Options include responding to comments, re-tweeting or thanking others for their tweets, or highlighting individuals within your forum.
  7. Reward participants. Offer an incentive. These can take a variety of formats such as virtual gifts or coupons for future purchase.

An example to Number Seven is all comments to this post will receive a FREE copy of the 5 Steps to Success Audio from Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich.

Be sure Your e-mail is included with the Comment

Let’s get Engaged!

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