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You and Money

I received this newsletter email from one of our favorite Copywriters, Robert (Bob) Bly.
The content resonated with our Business Mindset and experience in today’s business environment, so I had to share

One of my subscribers, JM, writes:

I seem to harbor a dysfunctional relationship with money; struggle to become financially free with my copywriting business
— consistent with the theme of several of my past businesses. It’s like an oil and water situation — incompatibility.

Have you ever struggled with your mindset about making money? If so, what did you do to overcome the issue?
Do you have any
coaching experts, you might recommend to me?

I wish I had a more helpful answer for JM.
But I can only answer his questions with the blunt and unvarnished truth, which is this:

I never struggled with my mindset about making money — because in my copywriting career, I was not and have never been motivated
primarily by the desire to make a lot of money.

My key motivations in my freelance copywriting career have always been these:

FIRST, to always do the best job for my clients and write the
the strongest copy for them that I possibly can, so that my copy
makes THEM money. That way, hiring me to write their copy is a
profit center for them rather than a cost center.

SECOND, to add as much value for my clients as I can, in any and
every way that I can — everything from gifting them a free copy
of my latest marketing book, to giving them new and fresh
marketing ideas on the fly.

THIRD, my goal has NEVER been to get the most money I possibly can as my fee, but rather, to charge an affordable fee that compensates me fairly …
while at the same time, based on the quality and results of my copy gives clients not just their money’s worth, but more than their money’s worth.

Therefore, I never did anything to overcome money issues, because I never focused on how much money I made for myself in the first place.

Though I do obsess about writing winning promotions that work and make money for my clients.

But that’s not something to overcome; it’s my job and I love it.

As far as coaching experts on money, I recommend a much more
affordable solution — a mini-library of 7 of the greatest short
books on money-making and success ever written — just click
below now for the free details:


One more thing…

What enabled me to live a life free from financial worry and pressure was this piece of advice I got from Florida freelancer David Kohn –who,
as a panelist at a writer’s conference was asked what his most important tip for freelance writers was.
His immediate and concise answer:
“Live below your means.”

This suggestion struck me with the force of a freight train, made great sense to me, and I have always lived by David’s creed.

To be fair, it may be easier for me than for many other people to be relaxed about money, for the (for me) lucky fact that I am not materialistic.

I don’t crave luxuries or material possessions — in fact, for me, the less stuff I own, the better.

I pay cash for each Prius I buy, while some of my colleagues make loan or lease payments on the Porsches and Rolls Royces they drive.

So I am simply under less financial pressure.


Bob Bly, Copywriter

Bob Bly, top-notch Copywriter

Bob Bly
Copywriter / Consultant
31 Cheyenne Dr. 
Montville, NJ 07045
Phone 973-263-0562
Fax 973-263-0613


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