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8 Things to Remember When Going Through Major Life Transitions


It seems that during the past 8 months I was on a journey through Major Life Transitions. My ambition level and interest level feel like a ‘never-before experienced’ LOW EBB.

When I finally addressed the problem I realized outside influences were parts of the problem, such as COVID-Pandemic and the slowing of Cash Flow), BUT in reality, the majority was self-inflicted and when I listened to and talked to the “Guy in the Glass” the problems started to get sorted out. I am happy to report that utilizing the influence of many of my favorite authors (mostly New Thought Movement writers) and conversations with my MasterMind Alliance, I have been able to get back in the Saddle.

Give a listen to “The Guy in the Glass”


You may have heard each of these more than once before, but they have a whole new meaning when you are going through a major life transition and it feels like everything’s falling apart.

You aren’t alone –

Everyone goes through challenging times, they just don’t tend to advertise it. You can rest assured that your friends and family understand your feelings and will be willing to help you in any way they can.

It’s okay to cut yourself some slack-

There’s no doubt that you will need time to experience all of the feelings that come about with a major life change. Give yourself a break from all the unimportant or non-urgent things that tend to fill up life. Just take it easy and heal your heart.

All things are impermanent –

It feels like this confusion and pain will last forever, that you’ll never be happy again, but that isn’t true. Everything in life changes. Nothing is permanent. You can trust that this transition is just that – a change that will eventually settle into a new opportunity.

Life is change –

Just like nature, life is nothing if not changing. The winter gives way to spring. The flowers bloom and then hibernate. The moon wanes and waxes. Life will always have ups and downs that we can’t always see coming.

It’s okay to let go of things that aren’t serving you –

We like to keep the status quo because it makes us feel safe. But, at some point, we have to let go of things such as people and situations that are holding us back from our highest good. Though it’s not always easy, it’s a natural part of life.

There is always something to be grateful for –

Your life may look grim, but if you want to find goodness and beauty in your life, you can. You may not have the same life you had two weeks ago, but you have friends who love you. You can appreciate the beauty of the setting sun. Every life has wondrous things in it, we just have to notice them.

It’s okay to say NO to negativity –

While you surely have friends and family who are loving and supportive, it’s also possible that there are a few negative Nelly’s in your environment also. Especially now, it’s a good idea to say no to their invitations to hang out. When you feel stronger, you can decide if they are someone you want to continue to have a relationship with. But for now, just say no – as nicely as you can.

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