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Five Strategies To Source Engaging High-Traffic Blog Topics

When you invest the time in gathering detailed information about your business and audience, what you’re really doing is narrowing the field. Think of it like putting filters on a search engine experience. Don’t show me everything for all audiences and industries, only my own.

From there, you can use a variety of methods and strategies for sourcing topics. Here are seven of my personal favorites:

  • Check the News and Trending topics
    What are the latest developments that directly and indirectly affect your industry and customer base? Which new technologies, legislation, or sociopolitical developments do your people care about most these days? Major news outlets and industry publications are a good starting point. I also look for trending topics on Social Media. Look for HOT Hashtags in your topic venue
  • Tune into industry experts and analysts.
    Alongside the news, people turn to influencers, experts, and analysts for new information. These people are often at the forefront of your industry, both in terms of prevailing headwinds and new trends. Reports, publications, and blog posts that are written by experts can be a goldmine.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors.
    No, I’m not saying to steal topics and create and become a follower. But competitor content might reveal opportunities to differentiate yourself on a trending topic, or build on a concept and approach it from a new perspective. Be sure to put YOUR spin on it and do not become a parrot
  • Do some deep-dive into keywords.
    What are the keywords driving the most volume to your blog already? What are people within your niche searching for most on the leading search engines? And very important, put yourself in the shoes of your prospect or customer: What kind of content would you look for were you at the same point in the journey as them?
  • Don’t forget using comments and Effectively Use Google Alerts
    The comments section can be a goldmine for voice-of-the-audience information on a given topic. Try a keyword search for something in your interest and pick a recent, top-ranking blog post, then read the comments to see if anyone has followed up with anything more relevant. AND leave YOUR relevant comments. I have chosen keywords and phrases entered into Google Alerts (blogs posts)  and read the curation every morning, read quickly through the synopses, read the ones of interest and leave a relevant comment, plus Bookmark the post for future reference

Finally: Believe if Yourself  And Always Bring Value:
 Know your business and the demographic of your market with as much specificity as possible. The more detailed and specific you can get about your product or service and your well-defined audience, the better suited you’ll be able to select and write the most relevant and valuable content for your blog posts

Now, just write and post those effective Blog Posts

Leave your comments and share your tricks of the trade below

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