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Producing Blog Content, the nemesis of all Bloggers?

Ever hear yourself say, ‘My blog failing”?

“I can’t produce Quality Blog Content”

I did this weekend.

I could not get going on producing any exciting content for this blog and a couple of others. I opened each blog dashboard, went to create a new post, read my outline and just could not put anything together. Frustration time and a sense of Failure began to creep into my normal Positive personality.

How do I change direction?

Pulled out one of my spiral notebooks on blogging and remembered reading how others solved the problem. Here QualityBlogContentisKingare Three Steps that stood out and helped me get back on track, and produce some quality Blog Content.

#1 Remember you are not writing War and Peace or any other magnificent Classic Volume

Your readers are looking for information to solve THEIR problems (quickly) and will enjoy clarity, with brevity, more than painstaking proper wordage and long explanations. I am finding blog posts about 200-300 words better received than a long dissertation. If you have more to say create more posts on the same subject. The obvious benefit there…More fresh content for the search robots

#2 Get Motivated by READING the blogs of others in your Niche.

Your existing subscribers and new readers are arriving at your blog through three main sources, Direct Referral, Search Engines and Backlinks from Referring Sites. If you READ the blog content of others, in your niche, you will naturally become motivated to write a complimentary article (good to refer back). Keep a sharp eye on what keywords are being sought through the Search Engines. I personally think TOO much emphasis is focused on KEYWORDsmithing. It seems to stifle the natural writing flow.

I use Google Alerts to keep a steady flow of Quality BLOG content about my favorite Niches and their relevant Keywords

Take a little time and READ these blogs and note the syntax and flow, especially on those Blogs with high page ranking. (Leaving relevant comments is VERY much encouraged). Another stimulation might be for you to write a post in contradiction or support of the other Blog Topic.

#3. Be sure to include references to some of those other Quality Blog posts that motivated you!

Taking the time to research other content just deserves some recognition to those who “helped ” release your writer’s block. So you should consider mentioning their article in your post with a hyperlink. You do not want your post to be a Linkfest but choosing one or two links to relevant posts can be very beneficial. Also, a good idea to contact the author and let them know you did…

This is a good way to generate comments and develop relationships with like minds.

Well,  here I am, finishing a blog post because I Unlocked the Writing Block by following my own advice.

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