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Assuring Quality Blog Content

Several years ago when I started setting up websites and blogs for myself and others, I started to immediately see a pattern emerge on why some were “successful” and some not so much.

It all had to do with CONTENT and to whom it was directed. I found out it was not difficult to find out where the potential market was ‘Hanging Out’ and directed advertisements and social media engagement to those places.

ONE very effective item, discussed in the video below, is the use of Google Alerts.

Go to Google Alerts, type in Keyword or keywords at top and set for BLOGS. You will receive in your inbox (each day if a popular Keyword) a synopisis of recetn artoicles.  The read the snippets and decide which seem relevant, visit read and comment with relevant comments. Remember Your URL is behind your name in most comment systems. I receive traffic regularly from comments posted 5-6 years ago. I allocate a few minutes of morning time for this valuable exercise

I made this simple video of 16 Blogging Content Tips and shared it with many in Seminars with local business persons discussing the HOW TO drive and keep traffic into your store or “Website”

If you don’t catch them all at once watch again.

16 Blogging Content Tips

The link at the end of Video https://youcanbuild .it/blog1 is no longer published.

As always I appreciate your comments below.

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