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Some of My Favorite Books

Arch Patton, Down In The Valley

Arch Patton, middle-aged CIA operative, finds himself associated with his unrequited love, Virginia
and a band of Hawaiians Natives.  

Rotund Roland by J.L. Callison

Mocked and bullied for his large size by students and teachers alike, Roland Henderson was friendless and suicidal. But he will meet two women who gave him strength to stand up.

Constable Outreach 35: A Fiction Thriller Based in 1985 by Jay Cadmus

Insurgency forces build against the Sandinista Government of Nicaragua. The story opens in Tegucigalpa during the Contra War in 1985. A covert airdrop malfunction leaves C-123 Loadmaster in Sandinista territory. 

Arch Patton, The Bering Sea

Arch Patton, the slightly aging CIA operative, finds himself assigned to a secret mission, ostensibly to secure the freedom of the son of a portly United States Senator,

The Mouse In The House, For The Love of Peanut Butter, by Callison

A hungry mouse trys to get peanut butter from a trap is thrown to the table, chased, and hides.  This delightful story is illustrated by the talented Donna J Setterlund

Look for the Rainbows: A Journey of Spirit and Heart by Diane Stephenson

This novel is about the life of Beth Worthington, a young Christian woman who has overcome a number of tragedies since childhood. It follows her spiritual journey from a young ten-year-old girl through to mature adult

Book One of Love & Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy & Frank

A collection of letters from the love of Nancy Lou Henderson’s life, Frank Henderson, and the wonderful life they enjoyed, thanks to God’s Blessings. 

Ruby, by Karen MacIntyre

When Ruby loses her job in Depression-era Norfolk, she boards a Greyhound for home. But finds to a life she never envisioned. Escape from misery eventually comes.

Book Two of Love and Marriage: War and Commitment

In 1971, Frank Henderson left his home and his new wife, me, to fight in the Vietnam War. As you will read, the distance would neither quell our passion nor stop their love

The Eagle and the Dragon, by Lewis MacIntyre

The Eagle and the Dragon takes the reader on an epic journey in the time of the great Roman Empire.

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