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River Rocks

The "Rock Pile"

Since we live along a major River and walk along the bank daily, Shirley has found a steady supply of interesting shaped and colored River Rocks. Many times she paints them to the image the shape dictates and other times uses the rock as a medium for painting favorite topics and animals.
Many have been posted on Social Media and have generated a fan club around the country and locally that eagerly wants to buy them.
The problem with showing rocks for sale with a shopping cart is determining shipping costs after the rocks are chosen.
To solve the problem we ask you to choose rock desired by the NUMBER shown with Image and send us an email with the form below
Using USPS Flat Rate Boxes is the best way to ship and there are THREE rates used.

Small Flat Rate $8.90 (We have shipped as many as 5 smaller rocks in that size box)
Medium Flat Rate $14.65
Large Flat Rate $19.95

Maximum weight is 70# and that is a lot of rocks

Your Rock Choices

15 + 14 =

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